Who I am

Cindy Johana Rodriguez Gutierrez

Cindy Johana Rodriguez Gutierrez, creator and founder of CSYM, is a Colombian born in 1985, whose passion for fitness and women's well-being has led her to teach for 10 years in the industry. Her journey, marked by challenges and hormonal imbalances due to excessive exercise, drove her to research and apply the "Cycle Syncing" method to find a healthy way of training. By syncing her menstrual cycle with movement, she balanced her hormones and understood the importance of the mind-body connection. Inspired by her results, Cindy founded CSYM to empower other women through an understanding of their menstrual cycle and achieve optimal well-being. Join the CSYM community and discover the power to live in harmony with your body and attain vibrant health, where the primary goal is self-love rather than pressure for specific results.


The mission of CSYM is to empower women through the knowledge of their menstrual cycle, synchronizing exercise and movement routines to achieve optimal hormonal balance, physical well-being, and emotional wellness.



The vision of CSYM is to become the leading training program that guides, accompanies, and supports millions of women worldwide in synchronizing their movements with their menstrual cycle.


Corporate Values of the Brand

Love, compassion, consistency and discipline, empathy, solidarity, gratitude. 

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