Join Cycle Sync Your Moves and discover how synchronizing your workout and dance routines with your menstrual cycle can transform your physical and emotional well-being.

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Through this program, we will focus on synchronizing your workouts with the different phases of your menstrual cycle to balance your hormones and enhance your overall well-being. I invite you to transform the way you have been experiencing exercise.


Enroll in a transformative workshop that will take you to deep self-awareness and connection with your body through techniques and movements designed for each phase of your menstrual cycle. In this practical workshop, you will learn, through the simulation of a menstrual cycle, to recognize its stages and how to adapt exercise routines accordingly.


In our coaching session, I will listen to your needs, together we will analyze your level of self-awareness and assess your physical performance. We will review your expectations, explore the fundamentals of the menstrual cycle, and understand how hormonal changes impact you. We will discover how to adapt your exercise routines in each phase of the cycle to optimize results and minimize any discomfort, symptoms, and false expectations.


Imagine a space where you will be understood and supported by women who share your experiences. You will learn techniques and tools to balance your hormones by recognizing the menstrual cycle and its phases. With this, you can alleviate symptoms and regain your vital energy, unlocking your maximum potential.


By blending the infectious rhythms of Latin music with easy dance routines, we create a dynamic and fun experience to boost the metabolic system, improve cardiovascular health, and release endorphins that will give you a sense of well-being. So, put on your shoes and get ready to sweat, move, and enjoy the rhythmic journey toward better physical and mental fitness. Come dance with me!


Colombian Folklore and Salsa Show performance. Are you ready for a night full of emotions, where your customers will combine delicious food with authentic Latin flavor? I'm eager to be the spark that lights up the party at your event.

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Hello, I'm Cindy Johana Rodríguez Gutiérrez, creator and founder of the Cycle Sync Your Moves program. Driven by the need to heal, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery where I found my true essence. I started by working on my body, gradually incorporating mind and spirit. Understanding the importance of integrating the three states of being with the female menstrual cycle, I slowly discovered different tools, workouts, dances, movements, therapies, and disciplines that helped me adopt the right lifestyle for myself. Through this program, (respecting individuality and honoring the fact that each of you is a different universe), I want to share with you and provide the tools I have put into practice so that you can choose the ones that best suit your needs. I am confident that by getting to know yourself, you will regain control of your life, and in doing so, you will discover... THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. Cindy Johana Rodriguez Gutierrez

Cindy Johana Rodriguez Gutierrez


Cindy Johana Rodriguez Gutierrez, creator and founder of CSYM, is a Colombian born in 1985, whose passion for fitness and women's well-being has led her to teach for 10 years in the industry.


“Taking CSYM workshop definitely helped me to know more precisely the energy of my menstrual cycle, not only understanding my physical energy but also the restful and creative energy that my body and mind need. I see training as something totally different now”.
"CSYM Ovulatory phase dancing classes are so energetic, I love the positivity and passion that Johana teach us with and how I get to be myself without worrying too much, I always have lots of fun, leaving class motivated".
"Taking Couple salsa Clases with CSYM has been a real positive experience, Johana does a great job at teaching us the basics at our level in a way that we can understand, over the last classes we notice a real improvement in our technique and that’s giving us confidence, help to our confidence to grow when it comes to dancing".




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