Through this program, we will focus on synchronizing your workouts with the different phases of your menstrual cycle to balance your hormones and enhance your overall well-being. I invite you to transform the way you have been experiencing exercise.


I would love to help you restore your hormonal balance through movement. Allow me to accompany you during this process of transformation and self-love. On this page, you will find the description of each stage and my training recommendations. Remember that we are all different universes, so I invite you to communicate with me for a free 30-minute session. This way, I'll have the opportunity to briefly understand your story, know your expectations, and finally, find a way to support you. 




Enroll in a transformative workshop that will take you to deep self-awareness and connection with your body through techniques and movements designed for each phase of your menstrual cycle. In this practical workshop, you will learn, through the simulation of a menstrual cycle, to recognize its stages and how to adapt exercise routines accordingly. 


Additionally, you will receive practical tools to reduce symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances, such as fatigue, stress, and mood swings. You will learn tips to nourish your body with mindful eating and how to cultivate a positive and empowered mindset, enabling you to live in harmony with your cycle and reach your full potential.





Remember to listen to and honor your body in each phase of your menstrual cycle. As our hormones fluctuate, our physical needs and capabilities can also change.


In our coaching session, I will listen to your needs, together we will analyze your level of self-awareness and assess your physical performance. We will review your expectations, explore the fundamentals of the menstrual cycle, and understand how hormonal changes impact you. We will discover how to adapt your exercise routines in each phase of the cycle to optimize results and minimize any discomfort, symptoms, and false expectations.


"You are one step away from knowing yourself and finding a better version of yourself. Remember: you are much more than a number on the scale!"


I understand that hormonal symptoms can be exhausting and challenging, but remember that you have the power to transform yourself. The CSYM retreat will provide you with a space to understand the importance of rest as the foundation of your healing.


Imagine a space where you will be understood and supported by women who share your experiences. You will learn techniques and tools to balance your hormones by recognizing the menstrual cycle and its phases. With this, you can alleviate symptoms and regain your vital energy, unlocking your maximum potential.


In this retreat, you will reconnect with yourself, listen to your body's needs and discover a new training orientation through conscious movement sessions, meditation and inspiring workshops that will empower and help you find the balance you have been waiting for.


Days full of knowledge, interaction with nature, self-love, healing, growth, fun and deep connection with yourself and other women like you await you.





In a Latin cardio dance class, you can expect to move to the rhythm of salsa, cumbia, champeta, merengue, vallenato, and reggaeton, among other Latin music genres.



By blending the infectious rhythms of Latin music with easy dance routines, we create a dynamic and fun experience to boost the metabolic system, improve cardiovascular health, and release endorphins that will give you a sense of well-being. So, put on your shoes and get ready to sweat, move, and enjoy the rhythmic journey toward better physical and mental fitness. 


Come dance with me!




"Cali Salsa" is a style of salsa that originated in the city of Cali, Colombia. It is known for its energy, fast footwork, and accelerated dance style. It has a special character that distinguishes it from other salsa styles, and that is the PASSION, RHYTHM, and authentic FLAVOR that characterizes Colombians.


I understand that your schedule, musical interpretation, and goals are unique. That's why I believe personalized classes are a perfect fit for your needs. Press the button to book your private sessions, couple lessons, or group classes – you choose, and I'll adjust. My purpose is to make your learning experience flow like a good dance, and my commitment is to help you achieve your goals.



Colombian Folklore And Salsa Show

Hello, Latin flavor’ lovers! I'm Cindy Johana, born in vibrant Colombia, and I'm excited to offer you a unique experience at your wonderful restaurant/bar. As the main artist, my goal is to take you on an exciting journey full of rhythm and joy.


I'm delighted to present a show that merges Colombian authenticity with an overflowing passion for dance. Picture a night filled with hot salsa, traditional cumbia, and moves to the rhythm of Latin hits that will make your customers groove. I'm here to turn your establishment into the epicenter of the authentic Latin party!


It's not just about music and dance; with this show, I want you to experience the true essence of Colombian culture. Each dance is carefully designed to transport you directly to the colorful streets of Colombia.



So, are you ready for a night full of emotions, where your customers will combine delicious food with authentic Latin flavor? I'm eager to be the spark that lights up the party at your event.

Cycle Sync Your Moves

Join CSYM and discover how synchronizing your workout routines with your menstrual cycle can transform your physical and emotional well-being.


CSYM is a revolutionary training program focused on synchronizing exercise and movement/dance routines with the menstrual cycle, taking advantage of each phase and promoting women’s hormonal balance and well-being.


With CSYM, you will learn from the program's creator and a team of trainers how to adapt your exercise routines to the various stages of the menstrual cycle. This allows you to enhance your results, reduce hormonal symptoms, and strengthen the mind-body connection. This revolutionary program will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, enabling you to embrace your feminine power and discover a new relationship with exercise. 





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