Personalized hormonal balance training

Cycle Sync Your Moves

Through this program, we will focus on synchronizing your workouts with the different phases of your menstrual cycle to balance your hormones and enhance your overall well-being. I invite you to transform the way you have been experiencing exercise.


I would love to help you restore your hormonal balance through movement. Allow me to accompany you during this process of transformation and self-love. On this page, you will find the description of each stage and my training recommendations. Remember that we are all different universes, so I invite you to communicate with me for a free 30-minute session. This way, I'll have the opportunity to briefly understand your story, know your expectations, and finally, find a way to support you. Click the button to schedule your 30-minute session.

Let's explore together each of your phases!

Movement in the menstrual phase

During the menstrual phase, hormone levels are low. To maintain balance, it's important to reduce the intensity of your workouts. I would like to offer gentle practices such as:


Flow Stretching

Focused on relaxing your body to alleviate menstrual pains and promote flexibility and blood circulation.



Find peace and serenity through this wonderful practice of guided meditation and visualization where we will focus on breathing.


Intuitive Ancestral Dance

Let yourself go and connect with your emotions through fluid and expressive movements. Through music, I invite you to awaken the wisdom within you.

Movement in the follicular phase

During the follicular phase, dominated by increasing estrogen levels, I offer you a variety of cardiovascular exercises and dance, accompanied by dumbbells lightweight training. In this phase, your energy levels will gradually increase.



During this stage, in addition to dancing, we will focus on movements in the upper part of your body to strengthen your arms. You will feel how your heart can reach a healthy and elevated heart rate without the need to jump.


Leg cardio

We will perform routines that incorporate a series of workouts such as squats, lunges, among others, combined with isometric exercises. The goal is to increase muscle strength and tone without the need for high-impact activities.


Dumbbell- cardio 

We will combine cardiovascular movements and dance, incorporating dumbbells to tone and strengthen your arms. This will not only support your hormonal balance but also enhance your muscular health.

Movement in the ovulatory phase

In the ovulatory phase, both testosterone and estrogen reach their peak. It's the perfect time to incorporate high-intensity routines into your workouts. We will use cortisol as an ally. Remember, it's only 3 days in the month, so let's give it all. You'll notice how quickly you recover after each session. Your body is wise, listen to it!



Experience a high-intensity interval training session that will help accelerate your metabolic system.



How about, instead of focusing on having a "six-pack," you concentrate on each abdominal movement to promote circulation and movement in your digestive system? I assure you; your colon will thank you. I promise we'll make it fun and conscience.


Gluteos colombian booty

We will use a set of exercises such as squats, and lunges, among others, accompanied by resistance bands to strengthen and tone your glutes. Just like hips, Booties don’t lie either! Tone yours!

Movement in the luteal phase

In this phase, we will gradually reduce the intensity of movements to support the production of progesterone. That's why we will focus on exercises that alleviate stress and promote relaxation.



Immerse yourself in a low-impact aquatic exercise session that provides resistance, stimulating circulation during this phase of the cycle. Let the water remind you of your true identity! 



During this phase, we will engage in resistance band training, but this time on the floor for your comfort. As your energy levels start to decrease during this stage, feeling fatigued and tired is entirely normal.


Remember that it takes 21 to 30 days to create a new habit. That's why you can count on me to motivate and inspire you, to experience movement from a holistic perspective. MOVE TO HEAL!

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