Donations for the Karen Tribe

None of what I'm doing would make sense without a higher purpose than just generating income. That's why it's rewarding for me as a woman to be able to provide you, with the tools you need to transform your relationship with exercise and see how this can change your life. However, this is not enough, and in response to the call soul’s call, I have decided to donate a percentage of the income generated through the services of this page to local causes that resonate with my spirit.


"If you are interested in contributing directly to these causes, please transfer to 4481205708 Krungsri Bank in Thailand." SWIFT: AYITTHB1001


"I commit to keeping these donations as transparent as possible. Julien Desilets is responsible for purchasing the food and other items, then publicly discloses the donated amount, the donor, and how the donation was invested."


The Karen are a tribal group originating from Myanmar. They fled to Thailand during past political disturbances. The Karen tribe now lives in small villages in Chiang Mai. They have limited access to electricity, clean water, roads, healthcare, and schools. I have met an incredible human being, Julien, who used to be a monk and has direct contact with the tribe. He takes long walks and boat trips along the river to deliver donations to these people. At the moment, he is focusing, as he mentions, on "45 poor youth, housed in a monastery in a mountain village, seeking school supplies, rice, and dried fish."


"Let’s educate the new generations with love, compassion, and awareness of the power that comes with self-awareness of the feminine energy dwelling within each of us."

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